Well, everyone is probably wondering who is Adventure Moto. In short terms we are … a superior shopping and moto lifestyle experience through our large variety of our Touring, Sport Touring, and Adventure Touring accessories. Adventure Moto……your provider of just any possible luggage and travel gear you will need on your next motorcycle journey. No matter what you ride, we’ll provide you with the proper equipment for the road.

It all started out about 13 years ago in 1992 when I was offered a job in South America working for a large consumer products importer. Since I had a degree in marketing and was a native, it pretty much got me qualified for the job. Traveling all over as a sales rep and importing motorcycles as a part-time job, I became very familiar with motorcycles the US had never seen like the Honda Africa Twin 750, Yamaha Super Tenere 750, Kawasaki KLE, Zanella Patagonia and Suzuki DR800 BIG. Then through one of my sources in motorcycle importation, I met someone in the accessory business. They offered me a job and as a learning experience, I accepted through which I was involved in working with a group of a dedicated motorcyclist with the latest products on the market back then. Two years later in 1994 my contract expired with the importer and the economy was starting to plummet, so I decided to return to the US.

Being an active rider since the age of 15 with my first bike (1984 Honda XL200R) the South American experience had made me realize the large market of great motorcycles and accessories this country was missing out on. After traveling through Argentina’s mountain regions on a 1993 Honda Dominator, a.k.a. NX 650, I was nostalgic about these kinds of bikes and headed out to purchase one here. In 1997 after 3 years I got my hands on a nice 1988 NX with 5900 miles. Threw a couple of maps on the table and carried out some trips. 11 months later I purchased a beautiful 1989 Honda Transalp with 5200 miles. As I started riding more and more and headed out to places, other riders were very curious about these bikes and actual owners were always lacking accessories and equipment for their trips. As I remember, once it took me about 2 months of phone calls and emails just to purchase 2 accessories from 2 different dealers. After this I said to myself; “this is crazy!!”. Living in the US and not being able to get what you needed was absurd. So I contacted my old friends down south and started purchasing things for my self I lacked on my trips. As I met other riders, I saw there was an interest and also a possible future market. Some of my friends in South America had become distributors in Europe, making things a lot smoother for even better accessories. In 1997 I began importing items from Europe and exporting to South and Central America supplying touring companies, dealers and small shops. As the economy had its ups and downs in those areas diversification of my clientele became more of a national atmosphere. In 2000, I purchased a rundown local accessory shop and it was a whole new quest. After a year of business, going to bike shows and rallies with 10,000 + miles of touring, I realized the sport touring, and adventure touring market could use more support so I established Adventure Moto. Today Adventure Moto is not just an "Adventure Touring" supplier, it is a full retail store proving for all segments of motorcycling such as track racing, sportbikes, cruisers, street, motocross, enduro, ATV/UTV, scooter, standard & choppers, and personal watercraft.

We would like to thank all of our national and international suppliers from back in 2004 and clients for giving this company an opportunity to progress and trusting us with all their products. Our special thanks go to Paul Collins and all his staff of GIVI USA; Erik Stephens and all his staff of Twisted Throttle;  Dave Steven of Alpin Tourers; Jeff & Kerry Smith of Adventure Rider Training; Marcelo Furno of TOP MOTO (Argentina, South America); Hernan Soto of Aventuras Dos Ruedas (Argentina, South America); Also special thanks to all our reps form Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Western Powersports, Sullivans, Helmet House, Schuberth, Dainese, Touratech USA, Altrider and many more for their constant support and help during the past years. Also special thanks to Emilio Scotto and his wife Monica for their positive consulting in the world of moto touring. If it wasn't for all of you we would not be here today. Special and enormous thanks go to our webmaster Gustavo Brescia who got our first website up and running in 48 hours back in 2003 and continues to constantly help us today improve our current website.

Also, our great gratitude goes to all of our great and loyal customers in the US and over the world for their constant support, suggestions, contributions and overall advice on what the market wants and needs over the years. My distinctive thanks go to all my crazy crazy fellow Aprilia, Cagiva, KTM, KLR, V-Strom, Wee Strom, Tiger, Transalp, Africa Twin, Super Tenere, and Beemer riders and to all my buddies at the Adventure Rider forums for all the great times.

Our website is constantly being updated and worked on to ensure you the enthusiast gets the latest and greatest our touring industry has to offer. We are not the best place right now for e-commerce as we are adding a new Secure Shopping Cart for the convenience of shopping 24 hours a day. We pride ourselves in being progressive and we are always looking for new ways to make ourselves available to our customers. We continue to look forward to improving our service to our clients and teach them new industry products available.

Adventure Moto will work on providing the best quality equipment available as well as look forward into the future in the motorcycle touring and adventures and all that we can give and learn through the experience of being involved in such a great enterprise with such fine people.

Thanks for visiting our website and learning more about Adventure Moto. Motorcycling is a great way to express yourself, get away from monotony and enjoy exactly what the world is all about all about – personal freedom.

Enjoy your Ride, Race or Adventure.


Claudio A. Ferrer,

Owner, Adventure Moto